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Cardiac Embolus

A 63 year-old woman with known atrial fibrillation presented with acute left sided weakness.

Show the MCA Cut-Off               Show the Lenticulostriates               Show the Missing MCA Branches

Cerebral Angiogram, Right Carotid injection. (Left) Lateral view; (Right) AP view. Note the complete absence of any branches of the right middle cerebral artery. The lenticulostriates are particularly well seen. On the AP view, the right middle cerebral artery is abruptly occluded. This is the angiographic picture of an embolus, in this case of cardiac origin from the atrial fibrillation. Emboli commonly go the middle, posterior and anterior cerebral arteries. (ACA = anterior cerebral artery; ICA = internal carotid artery).

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