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Axial CT - Medulla

Subcutaneous tissue Paraspinal muscles Right Cerebellar Hemisphere Left Cerebellar Hemisphere Medulla CSF (caudal exit of the 4th ventricle) Pre-medullary cistern (CSF) Mastoid air cells Mastoid air cells Mastoid air cells Mastoid air cells Frontal air sinus Sphenoid air sinus Roof of the Orbit Roof of the Orbit Right Temporal Lobe (middle cranial fossa) Left Temporal Bone (middle cranial fossa) Temporalis muscle Temporalis muscle Occipital bone Petrous bone Petrous Bone Temporal bone (squamous part) Temporal bone (squamous part) Sphenoid bone (greater wing) Sphenoid bone (greater wing) Frontal bone Ethmoid bone Ear lobe Ear lobe Frontalis muscle Subcutaneous Tissue Subcutaneous Tissue

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