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Axial CT - Pons

Subcutaneous tissues Left Cerebellar Hemisphere Right Cerebellar Hemisphere Nodulus Cerebellar Vermis Fourth Ventricle Right Middle Cerebellar Peduncle Left Middle Cerebellar Peduncle Pons (tegmentum) Pons (basis) Basilar artery Pre-pontine Cistern (CSF space) Mastoid Air Cells Mastoid Air Cells Tip of the Temporal Horn (lateral ventricle) Tip of the Temporal Horn (lateral ventricles) Sylvian Fissure Sylvian Fissure Frontal Air Sinus Frontal Lobe Left Temporal Lobe Right Temporal Lobe Oppital Bone Petrous Bone Temporal Bone Temporal bone Frontal bone Temporalis muscle Temaporalis muscle

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