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Axial CT - Upper Midbrain

Temporalis muscle Temporalis muscle Falx Anterior horn (latera ventricle) Anterior horn (lateral ventricle) Occipital bone Temporal bone Temporal bone Frontal bone Subcutaneous tissue Ambien Cistern Ambien Cistern Sylvian fissure Sylvian fissure Vermis (cerebellum) Right Cerebellar Hemisphere Left Cerebellar Hemisphere Left Temporal lobe Right Temporal Lobe Right Cerebral Peduncle Left Cerebral Peduncle Third Ventricle Right Frontal Lobe Left Frontal Lobe Insula Insula Hypothalamus Hypothalamus Basal Ganglia (caudal) Basal Ganglia (caudal) Septum Pellucidum Midbrain Tectum (Colliculi) Midbrain Tegmentum Quadrigeminal Cistern Superior Sagittal Sinus

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