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Discitis and Vertebral Osteomyelitis

A 44 year-old man developed fever and low back pain associated with fever. Several days later, he developed numbness and weakness of both legs. Point tenderness was present over the mid-lumbar spine.

Show the Gadolinium Enhancement in the Disk          Show the Gadolinium Enhancement in the Epidural Space

Axial MRI of the Lumbar Spine (Left - T1-weighted image; Right - T1-weighted image with Gadolinium) at the L2-L3 level. Note the destructive process at the disk/vertebral body that enhances with Gadolinium. Also note that the thecal sac is compressed and also enhances with Gadolinium. This is a case of discitis and adjacent osteomyelitis with subsequent inflammation and compression of the cauda equina.

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