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Axial MRI - Basal Ganglia

Foramen of Monro Foramen of Monro Anterior Horn (Lateral Ventricle) Anterior Horn (Lateral Ventricle) Third Ventricle Pineal Gland Posterior Horn (Lateral Ventricle) Right Occipital Lobe Left Occipital Lobe Superior Sagittal Sinus Right Temporal Lobe Left Temporal Lobe Left Sylvian Fissure Right Sylvian Fissure Right Insula Left Insula External Capsule / Claustrum / Extreme Capsule Right External Capsule / Claustrum / Extreme Capsule Caudate Nucleus Caudate Nucleus Putamen Putamen Globus Pallidus Globus Pallidus Anterior Limb (Anterior Capsule) Anterior Limb (Internal Capsule) Posterior Limb (Internal Capsule) Posterior Limb (Internal Capsule) Thalamus Thalamus CSF Right Frontal Lobe Left Frontal Lobe Choroid Plexus Posterior Horn (lateral ventricle) Internal Capsule (Genu) Internal Capsule (Genu) Inferior Sagittal Sinus

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