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Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) - Arch Study


Brachiocepalic Artery

Left Subclavian Artery

Right Subclavian Artery

Left Vertebral Artery

Right Vertebral Artery

Left Common Carotid Artery

Right Common Carotid Artery

Left Internal Carotid Artery

Right Internal Carotid Artery

Left External Carotid Artery

Right External Carotid Artery

Basilar Artery

Vertebral Origins

Carotid Bifurcations

Top of the Basilar

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MRA of the Aortic Arch with Contrast Bolus. (1) Aortic arch; (2) Brachiocephalic artery; (3) Right Subclavian artery; (4) Left Subclavian artery; (5) Left Common Carotid artery; (6) Right Common Carotid artery; (7) Left Vertebral artery; (8) Left Common Carotid artery; (9) Left Carotid Bifurcation; (10) Right Vertebral artery; (11) Right Carotid Bifurcation; (12) Right Internal Carotid artery; (13) Left Internal Carotid Artery; (14) Left External Carotid artery; (15) Right External Carotid artery; (16) Basilar artery; (17) Right Internal Carotid artery (intracranial); (18) Left Internal Carotid artery (intracranial); (19) Top of the Basilar artery; (20) Vertebral arteries; (21) Vertebral arteries

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