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Midline Shift and Impending Herniation from a SDH

An 82 year old man developed the confusion after a fall. Within a few days, he developed a language disturbance and mild right hemiplegia. the next day, he lapsed into coma and displayed decerebrate posturing.

Show the Acute SDH                               Show the Midline Shift

CT scan of the brain at the level of the Basal Ganglia. Note the sudural hematoma on the left extending down to the tentorium. There is a resulting midline shift. When a line is drawn down the midline, the amount of horizontal shift can be measured. In this case, there is a 10.8 mm shift of midline (note the septum pellicidum should be in the midline. This amount of shift is usually associated with coma and impending herniation.

Revised 04/20/06.
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