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Non-communicating Hydrocephalus - Uncompensated - Acute Bleed into a Cerebellar Tumor

A 43 year-old woman presented with headaches, nausea and vomiting. Two hours after admission, she abruptly became unresponsive.

Show the Hemorrhage    Show the Compressed 4th Ventricle    Show the Enlarged Temporal Horns     Note the Absence of Sulci over the Convexities

Axial CT scan - note the acute blood in the vermis of the cerebellum. Looking closely, the cerebellum is enlarged by a mass which is compressing the fourth ventricle. This acute bleed in a tumor resulted in acute hydrocephalus. Note also the dilated temporal horns. On the higher image (right image), the ventricles are mildly enlarged, but also not the complete absence of the sulci over the convexities. Surgical decompression showed a malignant ependymoma.

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