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Lateral Medulla and Inferior Cerebellar Infarction

A 71 year old woman presented with vertigo, nausea and vomiting.  Examination showed a left sided Horner's, left facial numbness; numbness over the right body; left sided ataxia, slurred speech, and weakness of the left soft palate.

Show the Blood in the Left Vertebral Wall        Note the Absent Left Vertebral        Note the Multiple Intrancranial Stenoses

(Left) Dissection protocol MRI of the upper neck - note the bright signal in the region of the left vertebral artery that indicates acute blood (i.e., dissection of the vertebral artery); (Right) Intracranial MRA. Note the absence of the left vertebral. Also notes several other areas of intrinsic intracranial vessel narrowing.

Revised 05/19/06.
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