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Schwannoma - Trigeminal Nerve

A 37 year old man presented with numbness and pain on the left side of the face.

Show the Tumor on T1 and T2                                     Show the Gadolinium Enhancement

MRI scans: (upper left) axial T2 weighted; (upper right) axial T1 weighted with gadolinium; (bottom left) coronal T1 weighted: (bottom right) coronal T1 weighted with gadolinium.Note the nodular mass in the region of the left pons that enhances with gadolinium. This is a schwannoma, a histologically benign tumor, that has arisen from cranial nerve V (the trigeminal nerve). Schwannomas are also characteristically seen arising from cranial nerve VIII, the vestibulo-cochlear nerve, where they are known as acoustic neuromas.


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