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Vertebral Basilar Angiogram

Conventional Vertebral Basilar Angiogram (left - lateral view; right - AP view).  PCA - posterior cerebral artery; AICA - anterior inferior cerebellar artery; PICA - posterior inferior cerebellar artery; SCA - superior cerebellar artery.  Please note - this injection was performed into the right vertebral artery which is seen well opacified.  There is some retrograde reflux down the left vertebral artery allowing visualization of the distal portion of the vertebral artery and the PICA on the left.

Right Vertebral Artery

Left Vertebral Artery (refux)

Vertebral Artery Piecing the Dura

Basilar Artery

Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery

Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery

Superior Cerebellar Artery

Top of the Basilar

Brainstem / Thalamic Perforators

Posterior Cerebral Artery

PCA - P1 Segment

PCA - P2 Segment

PCA - P3 Segment


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