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Neuroscience Core Clerkship

Anatomic Drawing of the BrainMore than any field, Neuroscience relies upon the oldest principles of medicine and the latest in modern technology. The foundation of neurologic diagnosis rests on the knowledge of neuroanatomy in conjunction with the neurologic history and physical examination. Advanced imaging techniques, immunologic studies and molecular genetics can then be applied to define the underlying disorder. Rapidly evolving advances now allow for treatments and surgical techniques of various neurologic disorders that were not possible a few years ago.

The Neuroscience clerkship allows students direct hands-on experience with a variety of neurologic patients and disease processes. All students will have responsibilities for inpatient care under the supervision of either Neurology or Neurosurgery house officers and attendings. In addition, students will attend outpatient clinics every week. Each student will be assigned one of several available clinical rotations. Among them are the University Hospital Neurology Ward Service, the University Hospital Neurology Consult Service, the Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center Neurology Service (combined ward and consult), the University Hospital Neurosurgery Service, the MetroHealth Neurosurgery Service, the Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital Pediatric Neurology Service, and the Cleveland Clinic Neurology Service.

Important Information Prior to the Start of the Clerkship:

All students should contact the Neurology clerkship coordinator, Kristen Stacy, preferably by e-mail, prior to the start of the clerkship with their first and second preferences for clinical assignments. Please request an e-mail confirmation back to ensure your request has been received. Clinical assignments include:

Assignments are made on a first come, first serve basis. All efforts will be made to accommodate each student's first or second request.

First Day of the Clerkship:

Front Entrance to Hanna House at University Hospitals of Cleveland. The Neurology and Neurosurgery Departments are on the fifth floor.The first day begins at 8:00 a.m. in University Hospital, Hanna House, 5th floor conference room, for an orientation to the neurologic examination and history. At that time, students will meet the clerkship directors and coordinators, and will be given their clinical rotation, attending and resident assignments.

On this website, you will find a host of useful material. Core study points, contact information, conference schedules, and details covering the evaluation process are available. Pay particular attention to the learning objectives for the clinical clerkship and the didactic neurology-neurosurgery material. These are the objectives all students are expected to master. All Neurology teaching vignettes are listed by their week and time. Reviewing these cases prior to the session will greatly aid each student's learning.

Please keep in mind, it is not possible to master the entire field of neuroscience during a several year residency, let alone a month clerkship. However, with diligent study, motivation and initiative, each student will be able to become proficient in the evaluation of neurologic patients and learn the core concepts of neuroscience every physician needs to know, regardless of the field of medicine or surgery he/she ultimately practices.