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Metastatic Melanoma - Case 2

A 52 year old woman with a known primary melanoma presented with the abrupt onset of left hemiparesis and headaches 3 days ago.

Note the Blood on T1        Note the Blood on T2        Show the Vasogenic Edema       Show the Gadolinium Enhancement     

Axial MRI images: (Right) T1-weighted; (Middle) T2-weighted; (Right) T1-weighted with gadolinium. Note the large mass in the right frontal lobe that enhances with gadolinium (right image). Melanoma is one of the one common tumors to bleed. On the T1-weighted image, note the high signal which is a dark rim with a high signal on T2- weighted image. This is the MRI picture of subacute blood. The signal characteristics are those of intracellular methemoglobin.

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