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Axial CT - Cord

Subcutaneous tissue Paraspinal muscles External Auditory Meatus External Auditory Meatus Mastoid air cells Mastoid Air cells Orbit Orbit Ethmoid Sinus Sphenoid Air Sinus Temporalis muscle Temporal muscle Upper Cervical Cord / Lower Medulla Cerebellar Tonsil Cerebellar Tonsil Foramen Magnum CSF (Cisterna Magna) CSF space Base of the skull (occipital bone) Base of the skull (occipital bone) Sphenoid bone Frontal Process (zygomatic bone) Frontal Process (zygomatic bone) Nasal bone Ear lobe Ear lobe Note: CT scans start at the Foramen Magnum and are typically oriented at a 30 degree angle in order to minimize bone artifact. This results in images where the anterior structures are higher than the posterior ones. Subcutaneous tissue Subcutaneous tissue


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